Dealing with fire fighting and rescue vehicles comprises a substantial part of our company’s activities at present time.

Over the last years, we have manufactured and delivered a significant number of vehicles and a considerable amount of equipment.

We develop and maintain effective partnerships with leading companies such as:

  • GODIVA Ltd,Ltd, England (Fire Pumps)
  • Waterax, Canada (Fire Equipment / Forest Fire Pumps)
  • ISS WAWRZASZEK, Poland (Fire Fighting Vehicles)

We keep up with all technological advances, constantly redesigning and improving our vehicles so that we can respond quickly to our customers needs by providing integrated and reliable solutions and high-level technical support on the spot.

Our company's activities include:

  • Manufacture of fire fighting vehicles
  • Importing and trading fire fighting vehicles (authorised sales)
  • Supply of fire fighting, rescue and forest fire equipment
  • Full technical support
  • Refurbishment of vehicles